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your medication is necessary.

overpaying is not.

There are thousands of drug prices across thousands of pharmacies. An unprecedented number of payment options exist in the market: insurance, discount cards, manufacturer copay coupons, cash price, and patient assistance programs. Locating, researching, and comparing these options is complicated. Without a solution, patients end up paying more than they should for medications they need. 

At Greenback Health, we recognize the complexity of payment options and strive to simplify them. We partner with insurers and their existing pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to provide integrated, member-centric solutions to identify and optimize lower cost payment options.

About Greenback health

Patients overpaying or being unable to afford their prescriptions are our inspiration and motivation for leading change. Founded by a pharmacist, Greenback Health is led by industry experts with deep knowledge of the obstacles patients face to afford their prescriptions and have developed technology solutions to simplify and optimize market options. Our mission is to simplify the cost of healthcare and we strive to provide patients the most market-competitive, transparently-derived, and affordable-to-them price.


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Say The Cost Of Prescription Drugs Is Unreasonable

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Haven’t Taken Their Medicine As Prescribed Due To Costs

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Increase Of Average Annual Deductible Since 2010

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More Than 11% Of Median Household Income Is Spent On Out-Of-Pocket Medical Costs

Stop searching for options to help save on prescriptions. PriceMyMedsTM helps health plans and plan sponsors optimize alternate payment options to help simplify the member experience. Our platform empowers the member to optimize various market options so they can get the lowest price for the medications they need.

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